Get Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 very cheap

This post was written by Tobias Kern on February 15, 2012

Just a quick tip for all those people out there who don’t use Lightroom yet

With the upcoming release of Lightroom 4 (it is being beta-tested at the moment), now is a very good time to get started with it (Lightroom I mean)!
You can get Lightroom 3 for about 120 Euros at the moment (for example at Amazon)! That is about 60% cheaper than the regular 300 bucks you have to pay for the full version.

I thought we were talking about buying Lightroom 4 not Version 3!

I was just getting there: Even if you buy the update to Lightroom 4 later on, you still can expect to get away way cheaper than buying the full version for 300€. The upgrade from Lightroom 2 to Lightroom 3 costed about 90 Euros, so if we expect the upgrade prices to stay close to that, we’ll be able to get a full version of Lightroom 4 for about 210€ (120€ for Lightroom 3 and 90€ fot the upgrade to Version 4). That is about 90€ cheaper than the full version, if we presume the release price is the same as for Lightroom 3.


Ok, all those numbers can be confusing, so here’s the short version: if you are planning to buy Lightroom, buy version 3 now and an upgrade to version 4 later and you’ll save a lot of money!

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