Deleting SD-Card partitions under windows 7

After playing around with RaspBMC on a Raspberry Pi I wanted to reuse the SD-card for a different project. Unfortunately after inserting the card into a windows PC only the first partition on the card did show up in the windows explorer reducing the capacity of my 32GB card to about 64MB. “No problem” I thought and tried to delete all the partitions in the Windows Disk Manager which turned out not to be as easy as I thought…

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Solving TCP port problems with XAMPP and Skype

Recently I tried to run a portable version of XAMPP for a local testing environment in combination with Adobe Dreamweaver and wordpress. Unfortunately I could not start the Apache server from the XAMPP control panel. The little green “running” sign appeared for about two seconds and then disappeared again. Also the XAMPP start page did not work. When I tried to use the start script, the prompt told me:

make_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down

meaning, that the TCP port 443 was allready in use by another aplication. But since I did not install any other server software, I was confused which program would dare to occupy the standard https port… A quick google search helped me to figure out some “command prompt magic” to find the delinquent. The command

netstat -ano | findstr :443



which helped me to find the process ID of the program using port 443, in this case 5104. But since this PID number did not show up in the windows task manager (which scared me a little bit), I again did some googling and found the tasklist command:

tasklist | findstr 5104

revealed that Skype.exe was responsible for the “port occupation”. So I opened up Skype and started looking for reasons. Under “Tools > Options > Advanced > Connection” I found a checkbox labled “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”… I unchecked it, restarted skype, et voilà: XAMPP worked like a charm!

Skype setting to use TCP ports 80 and 443

Skype setting to use TCP ports 80 and 443

Hope this helps you (and me again) sometimes… Cheers, Tobi

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